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Published Work

My photography has been published in magazines and newspapers around the world. I am delighted that my work has appeared in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style 10 times, as this magazine showcases only the best photographers and most elegant events. Feature interviews with me have appeared in Popular Photography, American Photo, Professional Photographer, Rangefinder, Photo World, LA Photographer and Russian Photo. I am delighted that so many photographic publications have showcased my images and taken the time to write a bit about how I work. My wedding images have also appeared in the pages of Inside Weddings, Life & Style, Ceremony Magazine, South Asian Bride, Bride & Bloom, Chicago Social Brides, The Knot Weddings, Bride Nine, Caras and Beautiful Weddings UK. My work with musicians has appeared in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Inked, Paste and the Los Angeles Times, while my fashion photography has appeared on the cover and in the pages of DeVour and OK Magazine.

How to Get Published

As an educator who has spoken at numerous photography conferences, I am often asked how a photographer can get their wedding images published. There are a few key things that photographers need to remember when seeking to get their work published in print.

First, it’s important that you not waste an editor’s time. One editor told me that their publication receives 12,000 submissions per year when they run a total of 12 weddings (six per issue, two issues per year). The same editor told me that of those submissions, more than 90% missed the mark, and had no relation to the types of weddings that they publish. The trouble with submissions like this is that they waste the editor’s time and mark the photographer as someone who doesn’t submit the type of work they want to publish. The reason I share this story is to remind all photographers to do your research before submitting anything to any publication. If you’re submitting images that don’t bear any resemblance to what a publication runs in its pages, you will not be able to develop a strong relationship.

Second, it’s important to remember that publications want to show their readers ideas and décor. Magazines do want to show off photogenic couples who represent aspirational wedding beauty, but beautiful portraits of a good looking couple won’t catch the interest of an editor if the décor and details are not there. Great images of décor and details help editors provide their readers with ideas for their own weddings. I personally submit to publications only a few times a year, but those submissions generally have a 100% hit rate because I only submit when I have the absolute right wedding, and when my images match the type of weddings that a given magazine publishes.

Third, it’s important to ensure that your images look professional. Your retouching should be publication-ready, with beautifully retouched skin and colors that have been brightened in Photoshop.

And finally, it sometimes helps if your images reflect some of the magazine’s advertisers, and you can make note of those advertisers in the vendor list you submit along with your images. For example, if a specific venue advertises in a specific magazine, and the florist advertises as well, you should make note of this so the editors will be aware. Most editors consider the images to be king, but magazines do like to support their advertisers when the overall submission is in line with what their publication runs in its pages.

Top Wedding Blogs and Online Publications

I've also been featured in numerous wedding blogs and online publications. When I'm looking at where my work will reach the greatest audience, I often reference this table of information that I put together. It provides some interesting information about the popularity of certain wedding blogs and online publications. This information was last updated February 3, 2016.

By USA Alexa Ranking (lower number = higher ranking)

The Knot 689
Wedding Wire 1215
Wedding Bee 3068
Brides 4154
Style Me Pretty 4201
MyWedding 5488
A Practical Wedding 7540
Offbeat Bride 9242
Martha Stewart Weddings 12101
Wedding Chicks 16578
Green Wedding Shoes 17315
Ruffled Blog 18087
Bridal Musings 25477
Intimate Weddings 27273
Once Wed 27929
Rustic Wedding Chic 32169
Borrowed and Blue 32686
100 Layer Cake 39303 42501
Junebug Weddings 47616
Southern Weddings 61350
Rock N Roll Bride 72437
Snippet and Ink 74663
Maharani Weddings 80056
Inside Weddings 89067
Grey Likes Weddings 110987
Artfully Wed 119388
Grace Ormonde Wedding Style 153574
Cice New York 213759
DIY Bride 451873
Strictly Weddings 469666
Love Luxe Life 10110430

By Number of Instagram Followers

The Knot 793000
Style Me Pretty 614000
Brides 545000
Strictly Weddings 466000
Wedding Chicks 416000
Martha Stewart Weddings 360000
Green Wedding Shoes 320000
100 Layer Cake 268000 257000
Wedding Wire 237000
Inside Weddings 194000
Southern Weddings 174000
Once Wed 164000
Wedding Bee 157000
Grace Ormonde Wedding Style 136000
Junebug Weddings 114000
Snippet and Ink 91800
Ruffled Blog 87700
Bridal Musings 55900
Love Luxe Life 45900
Rock N Roll Bride 44400
Cice New York 38900
Maharani Weddings 32000
Rustic Wedding Chic 29900
Offbeat Bride 14600
A Practical Wedding 12100
MyWedding 10600
Borrowed and Blue 9810
Intimate Weddings 3527
Artfully Wed 3199
DIY Bride 1786

By Number of Facebook Likes

Strictly Weddings 5537497
Style Me Pretty 2568877
Wedding Chicks 1772423
Brides 1769458
Wedding Wire 741407 502732
The Knot 455457
Inside Weddings 441592
Green Wedding Shoes 366487
Maharani Weddings 336806
Wedding Bee 330641
Ruffled Blog 253175
Southern Weddings 217897
Rock N Roll Bride 182261
Martha Stewart Weddings 179566
Grace Ormonde Wedding Style 158733
Offbeat Bride 148416
Junebug Weddings 109391
Once Wed 99047
100 Layer Cake 92976
A Practical Wedding 41572
Rustic Wedding Chic 39179
Bridal Musings 33986
Cice New York 28781
Intimate Weddings 25058
Grey Likes Weddings 16343
Snippet and Ink 15638
Borrowed and Blue 13144
DIY Bride 6243
Artfully Wed 4886
Love Luxe Life 2741
MyWedding 118,987