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Putting your best foot forward for online dating is never easy, so let me help by creating a group of photos that shows you at your best. I love shooting photos for dating sites such as, or, or for matrimony sites like

When shooting photos for internet dating or marriage sites, my goal is always to show your personality in a range of outfits, in a variety of locations, so it looks like the images were taken on different days. I always try to do a few that look professional, and a few that look like your friends might have taken them. Simply, I want to help you stand out from the profiles where someone has posted two web cam shots or an old headshot. That said, some people just want a quick and dirty 1-2 images, without a lot of fuss. Whatever your needs may be, we are happy to accommodate you.

I usually do these shoots near my studio, out in the environments near Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Hollywood. We can shoot in a restaurant so it looks like your friend took the photo, visit alleys or a garden-style park, and use a variety of urban backgrounds to create a fun and interesting array of images. Once I know a little bit more about you and how you'd like to be presented, I'll have better idea of what locations would best suit our shoot.


You email or call, and then we set up a time to shoot. I then send you wardrobe suggestions and, if you're female, hair and makeup guidelines. I'll then encourage you to bring a bunch of outfits to my studio (or, if we're doing a very simple shoot, to the shooting location), and I'll help you choose the ones that I think will work best. For no-fuss shoots, we'll choose a location and meet there. For lengthier shoots, where we're creating multiple looks, we meet at my studio, and will then hop in my car and drive around the city so I can shoot you in a variety of locations. We can buy ice cream, grab a glass of wine or borrow a dog in a park – anything that creates a fun range of images.

I'll then send you a gallery and ask you to send me a list of either 10 image choices (longer shoot) or 3 image choices (quick shoot), which I'll then retouch, size and sharpen for online use. I'll also provide you with the hi-res retouched files, so you can use them for other purposes.


We can retouch your photos in a variety of ways, and are happy to work with you to navigate the fine line between “the best version of you" and “truth in advertising."

Included retouching includes skin work, color work, natural tucking in of arms/waists/jowls, and basic things like removal of flyaways and lint. For most people, our included retouching is just what they need.

Some people desire more extensive retouching, or body transformation. For this type of retouching, where we are making you 20-80 pounds lighter or totally reshaping your face, we quote by the image, depending on what type of transformation you desire. Pricing is generally determined by the amount of time it will take us to achieve what you are hoping for.


Pricing for an extended online dating photo session (multiple looks) is $800, plus tax. This includes an online gallery, your color corrected files on disk, 10 retouched lo-res sharpened files for online use, and the same 10 retouched files in hi-res format (for other uses, if desired). Pricing for a quick and dirty session (one outfit change) is $400. This includes an online gallery, your color corrected files on disk, 3 retouched lo-res sharpened files for online use, and the same 3 retouched files in hi-res format.


For extended sessions, we will meet at my studio. For quick, no-fuss sessions, we will meet at an agreed-upon location. We usually schedule sessions in the late afternoon, so we can make use of the best light. Thus, start times vary, depending on the time of year. Are morning sessions possible? Absolutely. Are lunchtime sessions available? Not really, as early morning or late afternoon light will be the most flattering. We can talk about best shoot times via phone.


I always maintain the confidentiality of my online dating session clients, so I will not post any images taken unless you provide specific approval.


Email us at or call us at 323-447-8840 to schedule your session. We're excited to help you put your best foot forward. :)


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