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Punk and Live Music Photography

Punk & Live Music Photography

I got my start in photography by photographing punk bands, punk rock, punk musicians and live concerts.

As a teen, I used my Canon AE-1 to photograph nearly every punk band that played in Los Angeles. When I wasn't attending gigs, you could find me hand-processing my B&W Kodak Tri-X film and making my own prints in the school darkroom. My favorite paper to print on was Oriental #3, as it provided great contrast.

My punk negatives sat in my closet for years and year until I pulled them out in 2014 and got them all scanned. After many years working through all the scans to identify the very best images, I am now finally working on a book. I believe these images constitute one of the last great unpublished collection of punk rock photography, and I am truly excited about releasing these photos in book form.

You can see some of my punk images on my second Instagram account, which is at @dinadouglasspunkphotography If you like early punk, I hope you'll give it a follow.

The book will feature my original photography of bands and artists including the Clash, Social Distortion, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Exploited, GBH, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Billy Idol, Dead Kennedys, The Adicts and too many others to list here.

I still love photographing bands, musicians, live performances and concerts, and find music fans around the world to be some of the most enthusiastic and lovely people I've ever encountered.