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Generative AI Photo Creation

Generative AI Photography for Businesses, Brands, Social Media and Lifestyle

Generative AI photography provides a new and unique option to businesses and brands that need stunning photos for marketing, social media and web sites but don't have the time or budget for large-scale commercial or lifestyle photo shoots. My expertise with the complex professional-level Midjourney AI image generator can help you create incredible generative AI lifestyle and commercial images for your brand or business.

Creating AI-generated images isn't magic. It takes a lot of time, study, and focused trial and error to properly prompt and figure out how to fine tune the image output. As a longtime professional photographer, my many years spent creating high-quality photos for my clients enables me to instantly know whether an image is successful or needs iterative refining. It's just like a software developer who uses ChatGPT for certain bits of code. While ChatGPT may save a bit of time, that developer needs years of experience to know what's wrong with the code so it can be fixed and used. It's just the same with generative AI photography.

Why would a highly experienced professional photographer offer photo creation via AI tools? The reality is, I'm a small business owner, so I know what it's like to work all the time yet have limited hours and resources to spend on marketing. Truth be told, I can help others with visuals for self-promotion, but I'm woeful at doing my own because I'm always head-down working for my clients.

AI-generated photography and visuals can provide substantial value to your business, but generative AI tools can't do everything. Let's look at a few of the positives and negatives:

Benefits of AI generated photos and images:

  • Faster turnaround of fresh imagery and visuals
  • Cost effective and affordable
  • Access to more locations, backgrounds, color palettes and ideas
  • Custom images every time, everything created just for you

Drawbacks of AI generated photos and images:

  • Best at setting a tone or vibe, not great at specifics
  • Is not able to deliver on all types of image requests

After endless work in these tools, my two primary takeaways are that AI is fantastic at helping your business set a tone or vibe, and that generating realistic-looking images actually takes more work than generating fantasy and cartoon-style images.

Whether it's a one-off project or a virtual image-creation-by-the-month arrangement, I'd love to help you create new images without the hassle of extra headcount, costly commercial photo shoots or lengthy image delivery schedules. These things all have their place; I am very much a working photographer who greatly values my clients. But generative AI is here, and after intense study and practice, I've determined that it can be of incredible value to those who may not have the time or resources to invest in frequent photography shoots or in learning this ever-changing and increasingly complex technology.

Contact me today to chat about what type of visuals you're hoping for and how I can help. or 323-447-8840

Fun fact: According to Midjourney founder David Holz, as of August 2023, fully 80% of Midjourney users are male. Me? I'm just a nerdy girl who likes to understand how things work and to see if they can help my clients.