I love shooting same-sex and gay weddings. Vik and David were married at Knappogue Castle in beautiful Ireland. I’ve only just returned from that amazing wedding, which I can’t wait to tell you about. A highlight? When the officiant announced that same-sex couples do not enjoy the same legal freedoms as others, and that Vik and David would thus be signing a bunch of legal paperwork (as part of the ceremony) to enable them to care for each other (and even visit each other in the hospital, if ever needed) in the future. It seems a shame that someone wouldn’t be able to visit a loved one if they were ill, but apparently, that’s the way things are, and you have to sign legal paperwork to enjoy the simple privilege of visiting a loved one who is hospitalized. It really made me think. This (and their entire ceremony) was a truly lovely thing to witness, and honestly, we should all be so lucky as to have what these guys have with each other. I hope you enjoy a few highlights from their engagement session.

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  1. Robert

    Beautiful couple … love these!

  2. Gill Taylor

    Dina … it was truly a pleasure to have shot this wedding with you, the guys are so perfect for each other and so much fun too ! The ceremony was simple beautiful and the whole day was just full of love for this great couple.

    Love love love these engagement photos, simple stunning.

    Gill x

  3. Lisa

    Great photos! What a cute couple.

  4. Jaimie Dee – Atlanta Wedding Photographer

    Aw I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland! Sigh. Great shots! 🙂

  5. Jenn

    SO jealous of this location. Fabulous!

  6. david

    Dina and Gill! Thanks for making our day so special! And Dina, thanks for your kind words. Vik and I can’t thank you enough!

  7. Enne

    Love these photos, and Love that you’ve featured a gay couple! It’s all about diversity and just plain LOVE!

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