I have to admit that I love bouquets. I love seeing the artistry of the florist as well as learning something about the bride’s favorite kinds of flowers. With this in mind, I pulled together bouquets from a bunch of my weddings, and thought I’d share them on my blog. This will be a three-part blog post. Where possible, I’ve included the florist’s name underneath the photo. More to come, so stay tuned. 

Left to Right: Bouquets by Bloom Box, Square Root and Shawna Yamamoto

Left to Right: Not available, not available, Floral Works & Events by Raphael’s

Left to Right: M’s Flowers, not available, Nisie’s Enchanted Florist

Left to Right, Top Row then Bottom Row: Shirvan Design, Bloom Box, Bloom Box and David Z Designs

Left to Right: Not available, M’s Flowers, David Williams Yeh at Secret Garden Custom Florist

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  1. Wedding Photography

    Dina, fantastic job. Really very cool.

  2. Wedding

    Thanks for sharing. Its really a nice collection.

  3. Julie Edwards

    A beautiful and inspiring collection.

  4. Danielle Richards

    Dina, your detail work is second to none. These are just over-the-top gorgeous!

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