Nestldown Wedding – Chris & Rodman – Los Gatos, California

I met the wonderful Chris and Rodman while I was shooting a medical mission (for charity) on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. We became fast friends, and enjoyed many a can of Pringles while we were working (Chris as a talented surgeon and myself as the mission’s photographer, with Rodman providing support, friendship and comedic stylings to all). Sometime after the mission (I honestly can’t remember how long after), I got a note from Chris and Rodman asking me if I would be available to shoot their wedding, and if so, what dates I had open. Many emails later, they had involved me not only in choosing their wedding date, but also in choosing their location (from a list of choices they sent my way). Nestldown in Los Gatos (Northern California) turned out to be the perfect spot for a wedding, and while the drive was long and involved many bugs committing suicide on my windshield, I have to say that the drive was worth it — both for the people and the location.

Ever the adventurers, Chris and Rodman started their excellent wedding adventure by meeting me in New Orleans for an engagement session in the French Quarter. (I was in New Orleans to speak at a photography conference.) We had such a great time and I was really looking forward to their wedding, which did not disappoint. This was one of those weddings that was truly emotional, with the darling Chris crying at her first look as well as throughout the wedding, and even after the wedding. After watching her so expertly handle so many challenging surgeries during out time in the Philippines, it was wonderful seeing how deeply she loved Rodman. I have to say that Rodman is just the coolest cat ever. So it all made sense.

This cute couple’s place cards included packets of seeds that her guests could take home to plant in their gardens, and I also adored the table numbers, which involved jute and butterflies.

I have to say that Nestldown (Los Gatos, California) was one of the most beautiful, magical and lovely wedding sites I’ve ever seen. From the moment we arrived, we were just in awe of the incredibly lush greenery and immaculate landscaping. The owners of this lovely property do a lot of philanthropic work (I had a chance to speak with them while I was there), and weddings help support their charitable efforts as well as the maintenance of the incredible Nestldown grounds. With second shooting by the talented Yoshi Morimoto.

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  1. Rodman Lau

    Wow. Dina, you are the best! Thank you for being so instrumental in making this something Chris and I will never, ever forget.

  2. Barbara

    These pictures are absolutely gorgeous; And what a beautiful – stunning couple!!

    Just one little thing….. Wonder if it’s too late to change?
    Nestldown is in Los Gatos, CA not Los Altos. It frightened me just a bit to see our name on a site located in Los Altos!

    Your pictures really are very special! Where are you located, and Would you like to be on our ‘recommended’ list of photographers?

    Barbara Beck
    Owner, Nestldown

  3. Dina

    Barbara, thank you so much for your kind words. I enjoyed speaking with you at the site, and really think it is just such a magical place. I’d be delighted to shoot there again, so thanks for adding me. 🙂 I’ll change the city right now. So sorry about that. 🙂 Shooting this weekend, but will drop you a note next week. Warmly, Dina

  4. Chicago Wedding Photographer

    Great set! I really like the super wide angle drama of the trees; How wide of a lens are you using there for the fish eye? I also love the look on the groom’s face in that picture toward the middle. Priceless. Nice job!

  5. Rob Villetto

    Nice work. I often enjoy looking at your work… beautiful images.

  6. Quinn

    Beautiful pictures! I notice you posted these in February. Was this a winter wedding? Looking to do a February wedding at Nestldown and am interested in what it looks like then. Thank you!

  7. Dina

    Hi, Quinn. Their wedding was in August. I am just usually about 30 jobs behind on my blog because I’m super busy. 🙂 Not sure what it would look like in February, but it is an incredible property. 🙂

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