Dina Douglass Featured on the Cover of Popular Photography Magazine

If you happen to be close to a newsstand this month, be sure to pick up a copy of the October 2011 issue of Popular Photography magazine. I’m delighted to be featured — in a one-inch square — on the cover of this month’s issue, and in a feature article on pages 24-25. The article focuses on my work with destination weddings, Indian weddings and multicultural weddings. My lovely bride Nikki Chawla, who was married in June, graciously agreed to be photographed with me for the magazine’s monthly “I, Photographer” feature. The “I, Photographer” feature focuses on people who work in different photographic fields. Previous features have included a CSI photographer, location scout photographer, food photographer, aerial aircraft-in-flight photographer, museum art photographer and boudoir photographer. I know who’s being featured next month as well, as I was tapped to shoot the photo of that photographer. But for now, that will remain as secret, as will the super-cool place I got to shoot the image. 🙂

I had no idea I’d made a one-inch square appearance on the cover until I went to pick up the magazine. As I began to jump up and down in a failed effort at containing my happy shock, the guy at the newsstand clearly thought I was crazy. The image was shot by the wonderful Yoshi Morimoto, whom many of you know as an outstanding photographer who works with me when he’s not otherwise booked. A huge thank you to Yoshi for his incredible creativity, talent and friendship. And a huge thank you to Kathleen Davis, the very talented and delightful writer who who contacted me out of the blue to be showcased in an “I, Photographer” feature. I’m truly honored.

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  1. ruby rideout

    Congratulations Dina! I love when women are talented and successful. You are very inspirational. Best of luck always.

  2. Janet

    Your work is beyond amazing! What a talented and highly creative lady you are.

  3. Jules Bianchi

    OMG your hair looks fantastic.


  4. Dina

    Ruby, Janet and Jules, thanks soooo much! 🙂 I really appreciate all your kindness. And Jules, I miss you, too!

  5. Samson

    Congratulations!!! your work is so inspiring and the article is fantastic, you have given great insight to what you do, and is a big help to me. Keep up the great work. Thank you

  6. Jose Roces

    Congrats. I love your work.

  7. Bridget

    Congrats to you on a job well done!

  8. wedding photographer sydney

    Congratulation, your work has got recognition and inspires us to do our best.

  9. David

    Always love to see your work and name in print. Love it even more when we see a picture of you out from behind the camera!

  10. Dallas Wedding Photographer

    Congratulations!!! You are very talented!!! Keep up the great work!!!

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