Bel Air Bay Club Wedding Tips for Bridesmaid Robe Photo
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Bel Air Bay Club Wedding Tips for Bridesmaid Robe Photo

Brides and bridal parties love getting a photo of everyone in their matching getting-ready robes before they put on their bridesmaid dresses, and this photo between the blue doors at the Bel Air Bay Club provides a great example of what makes a wonderful bridal party robe photo. My top tips for a good bridesmaids robe photo include making sure all bridesmaids have time to have their hair and makeup done before the photo, then having ample time in the timeline for them to get into their bridesmaids dresses afterwards. Glasses of champagne are always a nice addition, as are high heels, though bare feet can be just as fun. As a working photographer, I've seen numerous occasions where two bridesmaids don't have their makeup done by the time the robe shot need to be taken. This is always heartbreaking for them, as everyone always wants to look their best. So my No. 1 top tip for the best possible robe photo is to make sure all your bridesmaids have a chance to have their makeup fully done before the robe shot. That way, everybody is happy and the couple ends up with a wonderful robe shot for their album.

Location: Bel Air Bay Club, Palos Verdes, CA.

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