Christine Chiu Chinatown 90210 Event Beverly Hills
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Christine Chiu Chinatown 90210 Event Beverly Hills

The Chinatown 90210 event hosted by Dr. Gabriel Chiu and Christine Chiu hosted a dazzling array of notables, including Laura Dunn, Beau Dunn, Lisa Arasheben,Jamie Xie and Beverly Hills Housewife Gretchen Rossi. The Chiu family transformed Via Rodeo into a modern-day Chinatown 90210, treating their guests to a vast array of Chinese delicacies and entertainment, including a traditional Lion Dance under a red velvet tent. Coordination and planning was provided by Aliana Events, with florals by Eddie Zaratsian. Piaget also contributed to this breathtaking event.

Location: Via Rodeo.

Keywords: Beau Dunn, Chinatown 90210, Christine Chiu (2), Gretchen Rossi, Jamie Xie.