Trade Show Photographer Anaheim Convention Center
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Trade Show Photographer Anaheim Convention Center

Photography of trade shows, expos and conferences utilizes a wide variety of skills sets, including masterful lighting, tripods, time exposures, HDR, light painting, photojournalism, direction, composition, staging and a keen focus on quality, as shown in this booth team photo taken at the Anaheim Convention Center at the US Travel IPW Conference. Along with creativity and master photographer skills, a good trade show and conference photographer will also understand how to create specific images that support the business needs of the conference organizers, sponsors and exhibitors. Taking care to speak with organizers, ask detailed questions and to thoughtfully craft the images that will be most helpful to them is one of key components of successful trade show photography. Their ability to use strong photographs throughout the next year will in turn enable them to continue to excite potential exhibitors and attendees, which in turn helps ensure a successful trade show and conference.

Location: 800 West Katella, Anaheim, CA 90802.

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