Trade Show and Expo Photographer Southern California
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Trade Show and Expo Photographer Southern California

There are three major locations for trade shows in Southern California, each of which offers an experienced photographer a multitude of opportunities to create a rich collection of images to support the expo organizer's publicity and marketing goals. Capturing crowds and beautifully composed subject-unaware images is important, but it is equally important to photograph the energy of the event and particularly the interaction between exhibitors and attendees. This sometimes involves a bit of coaxing and staging by a non-timid photographer who understands composition and posing, but it can also involve just capturing an organic moment of true energy. Some trade shows are more quiet while others provide giveaways where attendees can win a prize if they yell the exhibitor name loud enough. Waiting for the perfect moment and even coaching the central subject to turn towards the lens can make or break a truly great photograph that captures the fun and energy surrounding a well-attended trade show, expo or convention.

Location: Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA.