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Conference Photographers Los Angeles Convention Center

Photographing conferences at the Los Angeles Convention Center involves a keen understanding of how photographers should capture the essence of an event in the way that truly showcases the conference, exhibitors and sponsors. The event organizer wants images that make their conference look amazing and well attended so exhibitors and advertisers purchase space the following year. Exhibitors and sponsors want their brands to look amazing so they can use the images in their social media and other marketing efforts. This gives any conference photographer a unique mission in that they must created images that showcase speakers, booths and exhibits, crowds, displays, signage and ambiance, often while delivering a range of images on site. For this photo, taken at the Sprint booth during the 2019 Mobile World Congress at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the focus was to capture the coordinated yellow footwear of the Sprint team. But the range of photos taken on this day captured interaction, networking, demos, crowds, displays, color, ambiance, expression and booth setup, which gave our clients a rich collection of images to showcase their investment and involvement in this conference.

Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015 .