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Conference Photographer Los Angeles

Mick Ebeling of Not Impossible Labs has an incredible mission, and I was lucky enough to be the photographer when he spoke to the Integrated Healthcare Association Annual Stakeholders Meeting conference in Los Angeles about the difference between what seems impossible vs. what is always possible. While I photograph many conferences and trade shows, it's rare to see such an inspiring speaker who has achieved so much for others yet who really makes you think. He's found a way to help people with ALS and who have lost limbs, and he finds a way to make you think about people you might otherwise not notice or would just walk past. Simply, his Impossible Labs tries to solve problems that no one else has been able to solve. And the problems he chooses to tackle are problems that raise the quality of life for the most disadvantaged. Conferences that can secure inspiring speakers truly capture the hearts and minds of the attendees.

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

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