Vibiana weddings are a joy to shoot for Los Angeles photographers, and the Armenian wedding of Taleen and Nareg was no exception. We absolutely loved working at all the beautiful locations that dotted this sweet couple’s busy wedding day. The festivities started at the bride and groom’s respective homes, which is typical for an Armenian wedding. The groom’s family then made their way to the bride’s home to greet them, and once they entered the home, the families danced together and celebrated the joining of two families. One the at-home celebrations were done, everyone made their way to the beautiful St. Mary’s Apostolic Church for the traditional Armenian wedding ceremony. The bride and groom had allowed for several hours between their ceremony and reception, so we all made our way to a hidden bridge where Nareg had proposed to Taleen. We then made our way downtown to the Arts District for a few colorful portraits and then, finally, we ended up at the stunning Vibiana for their incredible reception. The wonderfully talented Shawna Yamamoto Event Design handled florals and decor, Revelry Event Designers handled the rentals and Nira Luna at Amber Events expertly handled coordination. This couple’s stunning black and white dance floor was the hit of the reception, and everyone who saw it marveled over its Tim Burton uniquely modern style. The team at St. Mary’s Apostolic Church in Glendale was great to work with, as was the team at the Vibiana.





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