Century Plaza Persian Wedding – Eli & Charleen

Eli and Charleen had a beautiful Persian wedding at the Century Plaza Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The wonderful thing about Persian weddings is the full-on love. Cat-calls, fantastic dancing and non-stop hugs all seem to be hallmarks of the traditional Persian affair, and this couple’s respective families were just so sweet and attentive to everyone (from guests on through the people working the event). A ketubah signing preceded the event, and was filled with more joy than one can usually fit into a small hotel meeting room. Both Eli and Charleen are non-stop smilers, and their warm personalities infused the entire day with an extra measure of joy. But of course, extra joy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. The chuppah was adorned with white orchids and other hanging florals, which created a beautiful canopy for the couple to stand under during the ceremony. An elevated white runway created a pathway from the entrance to the chuppah, and when it was lit up with spotlights, it created a stylish ambiance to this after-dark outdoor ceremony. Dinner was served just after midnight because with hours and hours of dancing, and an incredible live band, who had time to stop and eat? The cake and confetti took place at more like 2 a.m., but as you can see from the images below, this crowd was still going strong in the wee small hours, with not one smile showing a hint of dimming. With coordination, florals and decor by Kevin Lee at L.A. Premier.

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