Smog Shoppe Wedding – Sonia & Philipp – Part 5 of 5

For this, the final post in my first-part blog-fest on Sonia Sharma‘s wedding, we focus on the shoes. And what amazing shoes they were. As a photographer, I’ll admit that I’ve seen some beautiful and unique shoes in my day. But I’ve never before seen shoes covered in succulents. I honestly couldn’t believe the incredible beauty of these shoes, which were the brainchild of Shawna Yamamoto and which went perfectly with the lush succulent walls at the Smog Shoppe.

The red shoes in the upper right hand corner of this image collection were created by by Shawna at Sonia’s request. Sonia chose artwork that paid tribute to the author and illustrator Edward Gorey, who was a favorite of Sonia’s when she was in high school. The resulting bottom-of-shoe illustrations were just lovely. But the succulent shoes?

I pronounce them Best Shoes of the Year.

By the way, if you’ve ever wondered where the “Yamamoto” came from, behold the photo of Shawna dancing with her super-handsome husband. And the tiny photo in the lower left? That’s makeup artist extraordinaire Jeannie Jeffries from Couture Beauty, me, Sonia and Shawna. I love working with this incredible team of talent. I hope you’ve enjoyed this five-parter on Sonia’s wedding. She’s an incredible event designer and coordinator, and a good friend, too, so being a part of her wedding was a true joy.

Next up: The gorgeous wedding Flor and Jerome in Quito, Ecuador. I’ll try to start my two-part post on this wedding tomorrow night, but I’m shooting a reception tomorrow (for the delightful Fizzah Raza, who is also a wonderful photographer), so if I get home too late, I’ll start their post on Sunday. And now, the shoes:

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  1. Melanie East

    Oh oh oh! You’ve done it again – *more* beautiful imagery to swoon over. Amazingly captured. Love love *love* them all!

  2. Cara Loren

    Love, love, love!

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