Smog Shoppe Wedding – Sonia & Philipp – Part 2 of 5

An outdoor wedding in seven inches of rain? Only Sonia Sharma could pull it off with such style. When I arrived at the venue, I handed Sonia a bottle of champagne, encouraged her to enjoy it with her friends, and then said, “Don’t worry: We’ll do a day-after session.” The day-after session (which will be Part 4 in this five-part wedding post) shows off this stunning couple in a very non-rainy and colorful way. But I adore and love the emotion of this wedding day. Sonia and Philipp are such a good match, and I was so happy to see them make their vows to one another. And excuse me, but is this dress stunning or what? As Rachel Zoe might say, “I DIE.” Stay tuned for tomorrow’s entry, which will again focus on the beautiful decor that Sonia created for her wedding day.

Sonia’s Wedding Dress: Pronovias Barcelona

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  1. Crissy Everhart

    I love these! Great emotions and stunning colors. The couple must be so happy with their photos!

  2. Melanie East

    Wow Dina! you’ve really captured the emotion and feel of the day beautifully. Your work is absolutely stunning.

  3. Dotun

    such a vibrant wedding, love it!

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