I’m posting from beautiful Samode Palace, where I just had the pleasure of shooting Kristen and Vikrant’s mendhi, sangeet and late-night wedding ceremony. Upon arrival, I had to quickly take a photo of the couple and get it to New York, as they had just been accepted to the New York Times wedding announcements page. Connection speeds in India are not always very cooperative, but we got it done, and the announcement was just released. Most of the photo was cropped out, but you can at least see how happy Kristen and Vikrant look.

Today, we’ll be doing a day-after session in the rural village of Samode, which is located very close to the palace. I spent three hours walking the village a few days ago, and at one point, I had more than 100 children lined up to get candy (while screaming, “Pens! Chocolate! Pens!”). Lovely people with lots of smiles for me and Yoshi Morimoto, who traveled all this way to shoot the events with me. We head back home late tomorrow (Sunday), and land Monday. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. 🙂

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