Guess who smiles all the time? The beautiful Palak, who was married to Simmy in a Hindu ceremony at the Crowne Plaza Anaheim, and in a family-only Sikh ceremony at the Buena Park Gurdwara. Palak’s dad earned some immediate bonus points with me because he used to work at Samy’s Camera (a mecca for all West Coast photographers) here in Los Angeles. So I really enjoyed chatting with him when they came by my studio to see my albums.

Palak’s easy and genuine smile is infectious, and you just know that it was all over for Simmy once Palak first flashed that smile his way. I love all my couples, but this couple has a special key to my heart, and that key is caffeine. I’m crazy about both coffee and chai (true, unsweetened, Indian chai [no, not the Starbuck’s imposter]), so I thought it was just too cute that Simmy and Palak used coffee beans in their centerpiece vases, and gave each guest a personalized package of coffee to take home with them. Palak’s friends all chipped in to help place the favors on the table, and I loved that so many of her bridesmaids really worked hard so Palak could relax and change into her reception outfit. They were a very supportive and great group of girls. Meanwhile, like many Sikh grooms, Simmy used his reception-outfit-change-time to shave off his beard and swank it up a bit. And Simmy is blessed with a gorgeous smile, too. I spent half the wedding telling them that their children were going to be genetically blessed in the dental department. With videography by April and the talented team at Robles Video. I’ll update the rest of the vendor list when I hear back from the bride.

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  1. Eva Gieselberg

    These pictures are amazing. I totally love the mood and your kind of catching the atmosphere. Love, love, love it!
    Eva alias Jagentin

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