Karri & Ian’s Wedding on Rock ‘n Roll Bride

I’m at a tabletop decor shoot right now, but I just had to quickly post that Karri & Ian’s “winter in summer” wedding is currently featured on Rock ‘N Roll Bride — a UK site devoted to stylish weddings with a rock and roll attitude. I’ll post more when I get home, but be sure to check out the fun post at the Rock ‘N Roll Bride web site. Thanks to the fabulous Kat for the feature and great writeup!!!

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  1. Rachel Bayne

    Andrena, your work is ridiculous! glad i went on dwf today and saw your posts. thanks for being so vocal about the gay blog issue. it all seems silly to me but i’m gay so i’m a little biased.

    again, your work is amazing. i’d love to come to one of your workshops when you have some dates set up!

    take care,

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