Huntington Beach Hyatt Wedding – Sikh and Hindu Ceremonies – Suki & Andy

Suki and Andy’s wedding celebration started with a Sikh ceremony at the Walnut Gurdwara, then moved on to a Morroccan-themed sangeet at the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), and concluded with a South Indian wedding ceremony and reception for 600 guests at the Huntington Beach Hyatt. A wedding day featuring both Sikh and Hindu ceremonies can be very complicated, but good timelines and proper organization can make everything flow smoothly.

As is tradition with Sikh grooms, Andy sported a rockin’ beard for the Sikh ceremony and the sangeet, but was clean-shaven by the time the Hindu ceremony rolled around. Suki was resplendent in all her outfits, but I was particularly partial to the lovely sangeet sari, which picked up the colors in the stunning orange tents just beautifully. MOLAA is a surprisingly cool place to have an event, and I loved all the color in the event area. Though rain and ominous skies threatened to move the festivities inside, the weather remained merciful and the party — featuring multiple food stations along with traditional dancers — was allowed to continue outdoors. Just when the guests thought the party might be winding down, the doors into MOLAA opened, and everyone was invited inside to the cool club that had been set up in the interior. White lounge furniture and tables, along with a white dance floor, served as a backdrop to the hip after-party for all the guests, while Ajay from Kumba spun those guests right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round. (OK, maybe I’ve had too much caffeine.)

The wedding day was a busy one, and it was go-go-go starting early in the morning until the wee small hours. First up: The bridesmaids looked awesome. I was super-impressed with the different-colored-yet-matching outfits. The aisle featured a beautiful swirling design of petals leading to the mandap, and the mandap itself had tangerine, pink and green flowers, along with a chandelier hanging on the inside. After this cute couple dumped rice all over one another, it was time for portraits and then a change into their stylish reception outfits. The room was just lovely to behold, and guests literally ooed and ahed when the ballroom doors opened. Just before the open dancing kicked off, a Michael Jackson impersonator walked out and did his thing to “Billie Jean,” to the delight of all the guests. With decor and coordination by Nikki Khan at Exquisite Events, floral fabulosity by Nisie and the team at Enchanted Florist, video artistry by the ever-cool Julie & Alex Hill at Elysium Productions, DJ artistry by Ajay at Kumba, and hair and makeup by the lovely Jeannie Jeffries at Couture Beauty Team.

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    Really like the shot at the MOLAA….very unique!

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