My good friend and colleague Yoshi Morimoto — who has co-shot many of the weddings on my blog and shoots tons of his own as well — just called, and his wife’s water just broke, so they are officially having a baby right now!!!! Of course, in his rush, Yoshi forgot to bring compact flash cards, so I’m heading over the hospital to bring him some so he can document his baby’s arrival. I’m so excited because this baby has been a long time coming. It is such a blessing to their lives, and I hope to mine as well (since I plan to borrow the baby every now and then). I’m so so happy that I just had to blog!!! 🙂 OK. Off to the hospital. 🙂 Please keep Yoshi and his beautiful wife Hai (and their soon-to-be new daughter) in your thoughts and prayers. 🙂

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  1. yoshi morimto

    Thanks for the CF cards and chai Dina! 🙂

    Epidural was administered about 15 min ago so now it’s just another waiting game….

  2. Dina

    Yay for real-time updates! 🙂

  3. Ajay Manaktala

    Congratulations Yoshi!

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