Destination Wedding Photography – Udaipur, India (2 of 2)

It took a little longer than anticipated to get part two of this wedding blogged, mostly because there were just so many images to choose from that it was nearly impossible to decide on just a handful.

After the Vidhi (see previous post), this gorgeous couple both retired to their respective rooms to change, and we then did a first-look and a few portraits before the groom headed out the palace gates to prepare for his entrance. The groom could scarcely contain his excitement at riding one of Udaipur’s temple elephants for the baraat, and he even coaxed a few of his friends into riding camels as part of the procession. The beautiful bride entered under a latticework of flowers, which matched the intricately woven floral mandap.

After the ceremony and vidai, the groom carried his bride back up to their room so they could change for the reception. After the welcome toast, guests were treated to a spectacle of fireworks, followed by good food and drink, and plenty of dancing and partying. Since wedding guests filled the entire Devi Garh Palace, there was no need to end the party early, and the couple’s friends danced until the wee small hours. Needless to say, after such a glorious time within the palace walls, everyone was sad to leave this amazing place, and this multi-day celebration. As I mentioned in my previous post, this couple was intent on providing their guests with a magical experience that they would always remember. And of course, they succeeded beautifully.

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  1. Jen

    LOVE that you had them hold flashes for that last shot! Brilliant! Photos are stunning Dina. You make me want to go back to Udaipur!!!!

  2. Jules Bianchi

    LOVE the one looking up at the Mandap (is that what its called?) that last pic is so clever, too!!

    LOOVE checking out your stuff, Dina. Very inspirational!

  3. Amanda Patrice

    These are absolutely incredible! You are such an amazing photographer.

  4. Sarina

    Love the last pic where you have them holding the flashes!! Too cute! Great photos! love your style!!

  5. sandra sharp

    What can I say…FABULOUS, you both look great and such clever photography. I SOOO wish we could have been there.xx

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