Hear that voice on the latest CVS commercial? Well, it belongs to the beautiful Kathy Fisher, whose work with the band Fisher has been featured on numerous CDs, in tons of movies, and in many high-profile national commercials. Kathy, along with guitarist/pianist Mark Governor, cellist Peggy Baldwin and others, will be playing at the Ford Amphitheater on Sunday, June 15th (Father’s Day). I had the pleasure of shooting the promo photos for this cool new band, whose concert will be called “All Strung Out.” Not familiar with Kathy’s extraordinary voice? Just do a search on “Fisher” on iTunes, then check out the album “True North.” You may recognize the song “Breakable,” which appeared on the “Great Expectations” movie soundtrack. I’m particularly partial to the songs “Too Late” and “Miss Ophelia.” Talented, and cool peeps to boot.

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