Some of you might know that I’m one of the moderators for the Digital Wedding Forum, an online community of wedding and portrait photographers that boasts 5,000+ members. This year, I was chosen to speak at the annual DWF Conference in Las Vegas. I co-presented with David Mielcarek from New York, and our session, which focused on the use of lighting, was well attended and reviewed. The conference is always a great opportunity to see friends from around the country and the world. Be sure to check out my talented colleagues’ web sites by clicking on their names below.

Watching as my session filled up

Just before my presentation

Me; Laura Novak from Wilmington, Delaware; and Susan Stripling from all over Florida

Anna Kuperberg from San Francisco; Jesh De Rox from Alberta, Canada; Me; and Brianna Graham from Grand Rapids, Michigan

Milos Horvat from Slovenia, Me and Thomas Geist from Munich, Germany

Dave and Quin from Calgary, Canada, and Me

Angelica Glass from Queens, New York; Me; and Leigh Miller
from San Diego

David Mielcarek from New York, Me, David Pearce from England and Christine Marie from Santa Monica

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