Bat and Bar Mitzvah Ceremony Photography
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Bat and Bar Mitzvah Ceremony Photography

When it comes to Bar and Bat Mitzvah photography, we know from experience that there are so many special moments to look out for during the ceremony, like this one in front of the Holy Ark at the Wilshire Boulevard Temple.  The light that is coming from within and surrounding the Torahs adds a fitting sense of awe to what is inside. The rabbi's hand on the Bat Mitzvah girl's shoulder demonstrates the passing down of teachings and traditions from one generation to the next, and shows the culmination of a journey that this young lady has taken over the course of a year studying with her religious mentors. We also feel the anticipation that the Torah is about to be removed from the Ark and carried by our Bat Mitzvah girl, an acknowledgment that she is now old enough to take responsibility for her own spiritual life.  The moody warm-tone black and white processing adds gravity and history to the memory, giving it a timeless feel.

Location: Wilshire Temple, 3663 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010.