Bar Mitzvah Wilshire Boulevard Temple
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Bar Mitzvah Wilshire Boulevard Temple

Experienced pro photographers know that there is only so much time before a bar or bat mitzvah temple service, and that creating art isn't as important as capturing the family portraits that will be cherished in the future. So when a photographer finds a few seconds to be creative and to step away from the expected family groups, the end result can be stunning, as shown in this photo of a bar mitzvah boy at the Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles. This beautiful temple boasts a stunning Byzantine revival dome, earning it a place on the National Register of Historic Places. This photograph of a bar mitzvah underscores the lengthy preparation that every bar and bat mitzvah child goes through before their temple service. You can almost imagine this boy inhaling and exhaling as he prepares to read from the Torah in front of his closest friends and family members. Black and white helped make this photograph come alive, as it highlights the beautiful architecture while causing the eye to focus squarely on the bar mitzvah child.

Location: Wilshire Boulevard Temple, 3663 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010.