Red Carpet Event Photographer Los Angeles

Red Carpet Event Photographer Los Angeles

Rolling out a red carpet at a Los Angeles event, and making sure to have an experienced photographer on hand, is a tried and true way to make everybody feel glamorous. Red carpet photography involves an understanding of lighting and posing, as well as knowing how to work quickly while other people are jockeying for the same images. Experienced event photographers should bring strobes or continuous lighting to ensure that their photos of the guests against a step and repeat wall are properly lit. We also find it helpful to take a close view and a further away view, as some event organizers prefer that the logos on the step and repeat be more visible. This image was taken at the world-famous Beverly Wilshire Hotel, which is also known as the primary location for the movie Pretty Woman.

Location: 9500 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.