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Marrakech Morocco Destination Wedding Photographer

Photographing a bride and groom in the souks in Marrakech, Morocco, presents a unique challenge to any destination wedding photographer. The souks are wildly confusing, and most people (including me) get lost their first time wandering through. I was delighted when my clients agreed to walk over to the souks before their wedding, but they didn't have much time, so we had to make something work quickly. I thought adding masks to the mix would create a unique portrait, but I didn't want to mess up my bride's hair, so I had her hold hers to her face with her hand. The red wedding dress must have been quite a shock to the locals shopping in the souks, and we began to gather a crowd rather quickly. We sped off just as quickly, as the bride and groom had to get to their ceremony. Just another adventure while photographing a destination wedding in a wonderfully creative location. Destination wedding photographed in Marrakech, Morocco.