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Los Angeles Orthodox Jewish Wedding Photographer

At the heart of any Orthodox Jewish wedding is a blend of modesty, tradition, family and love. Part of those traditions include the Sheva Brecot, or The Seven Blessings, which is when honored guests, family members and rabbis recite blessings for the couple while standing under the chuppah during the actual wedding ceremony. Another key aspect of Orthodox Jewish weddings is a modest wedding dress. Many wedding dresses can be tailored to include a jacket or additional fabric to cover neckline and arms. Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jewish wedding customs also always include festive dances, including the Horah. I am always impressed by how much stamina a bride and groom must have to truly make it through hours of Horah dancing. The best way for any photographer to shoot a Horah is from a ladder. It pays to be careful while shooting from a ladder, as you can easily be knocked off by guests who are dancing with reckless abandon and joy. Orthodox Jewish wedding photographed in Los Angeles, California.