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Best Destination Wedding Photographer

Creating a magical wedding photograph can be challenging, but every so often, you get lucky when vision, location and ability to execute all come together seamlessly. For this destination wedding, which took place in Istanbul, Turkey, I knew I wanted to create a special portrait that would really be memorable. While we were scouting, my second photographer and I walked past a Persian carpet store near our hotel. The shop owner invited us in, and we got to chatting. He eventually mentioned that his son was attending school at UC Santa Barbara, and then invited us up to his rooftop to see the view of the Blue Mosque. He then served us apple tea, and we talked about everything under the sun for several hours. At the end of our visit, I asked if it would be possible to bring my bride and groom back during their day-after session, and to photograph them like mannequins in his shop window. He immediately agreed, and I was thrilled. We came back a few days later, and I was able to create the image I'd hoped for. The locals stopped and stared, and we all had a good laugh. The shop owner then invited us all upstairs again to his rooftop, and ordered dinner for all of us. He wouldn't let us pay, and he fed 10 people whom he didn't know. I will always count his kindness as one of my most incredible memories from photographing a destination wedding. Destination wedding photographed in Istanbul, Turkey.