SEO Writing Services for Photographers

SEO Writing Services

I offer SEO writing services for photographers who don't have the time or for whom writing is a challenge. All content is written just for you and will not be used or repeated with other clients.

Caption Writing for SEO

I hear it all the time: "My images are great, but my site's Google rank sucks. Why?" The answer is simple. Google likes web sites that provide helpful, relevant information. Your site is unlikely to rank well if it features images without helpful content. 

In today's competitive marketplace, your Google rank is an important component of your overall marketing strategy. One of the best yet most time-consuming ways to show Google that your site offers helpful content is by including effective titles and captions for each of your images.

How it Works

I start with a phone conversation to discuss how people currently find you, your local market and your overall objectives. I will also do an assessment of current position for key search terms. 

From there, I start writing titles and captions. Most captions will have 80-120 words, and will be written in accordance with standard SEO practice. All captions are written from scratch and will be original to your business. I do not repeat caption verbiage from client to client. 

During the caption-writing process, I will periodically call you to discuss various images or location specifics. This doesn't mean you need to be chained to your desk, but it does mean that I need to be able to reach you to ask questions.

When finished, I will give you a sample Excel spreadsheet tracking file that you can modify to track your own Google rank movements for the search terms that are most important to you.

Turnaround depends on the number of captions desired and existing client workload. I always discuss turnaround during our initial call.

Why You Should Hire Me

Though my old site showcased a ton of beautiful images, Google had pushed it to Page 30 because it featured no helpful content. After attending an SEO workshop conducted by Good Gallery founder Rob Greer, I began writing hundreds of focused captions for my new site. When I started this lengthy writing process, I was not ranking for any of the search terms that were important to me. When I finished, I ended up ranking on Page 1 for almost every search term I valued. 

I hold two degrees in journalism and spent 10+ years running proposal and knowledge management groups at major global consulting firms and high tech companies. I also offer a lifetime of photographic experience, thus enabling me to effectively write about any image. For a complete list of my photographic credentials, please see my About Me page elsewhere on this site. 


  • $20 per caption, with a 50-caption minimum
  • 50 captions = $1,000
  • 100 captions = $1,900 (5 captions free)
  • 150 captions = $2,900
  • 200 captions = $3,800 (10 captions free)

Pricing generally works out to an average of $75 per hour. I charge by the caption because I may be able to write two very detailed captions or five less-detailed captions in a given hour. My rate also factors in the time I invest in phone calls and research.

Payment Terms

  • Full payment is required before my work starts. 
  • All payments should be provided by personal check, cashier's check or wire transfer.
  • United States credit card transactions will be assessed a 3.5% convenience fee.
  • International credit card transactions will be assessed a 5% convenience fee.


  • You must have your image portfolios live on your site. 
  • Your site must have fields for titles and captions. Good Gallery provides excellent functionality for the addition of SEO-related content.
  • You must be available via phone for intermittent phone calls (to ask questions, etc.). 
  • For international clients, we communicate via email and Skype.


  • Available to photographers across all segments of the industry.
  • Not available to wedding or portrait photographers in the Los Angeles or Orange County areas. We are happy to work with photographers in these areas if they specialize in other segments (food, product, lifestyle, editorial, etc.).

What I Can and Can't Guarantee

  • I guarantee that I will write original image titles and captions that Google will appreciate. 
  • Image titles and captions are just one important element of a comprehensive SEO strategy. While all my clients' Google rankings have significantly improved, I cannot guarantee any change in ranking.