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Sikh Wedding Photographer Los Angeles

Sikh weddings often take place at gurdwaras, which don't often provide the most photogenic backdrops for portraits. Thus, when working at a gurdwara, I have to be creative. This portrait was taken at the Vermont Gurdwara in Los Angeles, as the bride waited upstairs for the ceremony to start. Th waiting room was actually an office, and I recall there being some random forest green chairs in the room as well. But it was small patch of white wall that ended up catching my eye. This portrait has long been a favorite of mine. The bride's nose ring adds a lovely and timeless element to this portrait. The reception for this wedding took place at the Roosevelt Hotel on my birthday, and as if that wasn't enough fun for you, their reception also took place on a night when Prince (yes, that Prince) was doing a two-week series of performances at the Roosevelt. So we were actually listening to Prince do a sound check while we were outside in the Roosevelt courtyard for portraits. Only in Los Angeles. Sikh wedding photographed at the Vermont Gurdwara and the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, California.