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Indian Weddings

Indian Wedding Photography Southern California

I shot this image at the very first Indian wedding I ever photographed. most Indian brides will not take a chance on a photographer who has never photographed an Indian wedding, and rightly so, as the weddings themselves are so complicated. An inexperienced photographer might easily miss something. But this couple was kind enough to take a chance on me, and because they took a chance of me, I landed my first-ever magazine cover -- the cover of Professional Photographer. Though I had been published in the past, landing the cover of Professional Photographer (published for the {Professional Photographer's Association -- PPA) was quite a thrill. Interestingly, this image was taken in 2004, when digital cameras were just starting to reach the quality of film cameras. I photographed the majority of this wedding on film, but did take out my Canon 10D to shoot a few images. I then chickened out and put the digital camera away, preferring my time-trusted film cameras. Happily, and quite surprisingly, one of the digital images I shot on this day actually landed the cover of Professional Photographer magazine. It was quite shocking to me, as I didn't make the full switch to digital until Canon released the 5D cameras (which were, in my humble opinion, the first cameras to be better than film cameras). Indian wedding photographed at Rancho Sol del Pacifico in Malibu, California.