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Indian Wedding Photographer Ventura Orange County

An Indian bride usually takes three full hours to get ready on her wedding day. So it isn't hard to understand why some brides don't want to lay down on the ground when I have a fun idea. On this day, however, my bride and groom were game for anything. The venue that they chose for their wedding had a very beige and tan palette, but I noticed that the small foot bridge over the man-made stream was blue-green. I knew that the red in the bride's lengha and the groom's scarf and head piece would look gorgeous against the weathered blue-green wood, so I asked them to lay down in opposite directions. I then positioned the couple to create intimacy, taking care to arrange their hands in a flattering way. The end result was a favorite of the couple's, and they even used it on the cover of their album. It was also chosen to be displayed as a huge wall print when I spoke at a photography conference in Moscow, Russia. Indian wedding photographed at Embassy Suites Mandalay Resort, Oxnard, California.