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Musician Photographer Los Angeles

Photographing musicians brings with it a unique set of challenges. You want to capture a musician's vibe without doing a standard head shot, but you also want to involve some sort of environment to make the image more interesting. For this portrait of musician Kevin Earnest, we took care to ensure that the styling fit his retro vibe. I thought Kevin looked very elegant in his tailored suit, so I used some leather club chairs in a train station for our first round of portraits. The ambiance of the train station coupled with the old leather chairs helped give the portrait a timeless feel. But as a musician photographer, I also wanted to shoot him in a location that provided a stark contrast to his stylish look. For this musician portrait, I chose the alley behind my sister's apartment, which is located in Hollywood. I love the urban background against his model good looks and stylish suit. I don't ordinarily use trashcans as background elements, but in this case, the graffiti seemed to add a more grunge feel to the entire composition. This image looks stunning in color, but I thought black and white processing helped create a more timeless feel. I love using B&W for portraits of men. Photographed in Los Angeles, California.