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Fashion & Editorial

Model Photography Los Angeles

I was delighted when DeVour magazine asked me to do a multi-page themed fashion shoot for their premiere issue. Model photography is always challenging, but having a talented team to work with always makes the final product better. This themed shoot told the story of a French courtesan who came home from work to find her noble lover had sent her dead flowers and a letter, breaking off their relationship. The model started off looking beautiful and in control. But over the course of five different sets, wardrobe changes and hair/makeup changes, the model descended into madness, drinking absinthe with a sugar cube before collapsing onto a table in a catatonic state. Five setups in one day was a challenging undertaking involving a large team of people. The team at Wonderland Studios made everything so easy, and I loved working there. They also contributed a few additional wardrobe pieces to the stylist's planned looks. I was super happy when the issue came out, as my work was featured on DeVour's cover, as well as on 18 pages inside. Top tip for fashion photographers: Always have a big cannister of Red Vines and a big thing of nuts handy to help with low blood sugar and extreme hunger on long shoots. The sugar perks everyone up, while the protein helps people keep working. Photographed at Wonderland Studios in Los Angeles. Pubished in DeVour Magazine.