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Fashion & Editorial

Los Angeles Beauty Photographer

Any good beauty photographer knows that lighting can mean the difference between an ordinary image and one that comes alive with dimension. By using multiple strobes, I was able to add highlights to both sides of the model's head, which in terms helped her hair take on a shimmering glow. Another strobe positioned behind the model helped illuminate her jaw line with a subtle highlight. Our styling for this image included a vintage houndstooth coat paired with a black turtleneck and 1960s makeup. Lush false lashes helped the model's eyes stand out, and her delicate hand position added a bit of elegance to the composition. I love posing hands, even though finding just the right position takes a while. A bend in the wrist always helps hands look more beautiful. Model Sara Liz provided her gorgeous bone structure to help create this lovely beauty portrait. Photographed in my studio in Los Angeles, California.