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Fashion Photography Los Angeles

Fashion photography in Los Angeles often involves trying to make simple exteriors look more interesting. It can also involve a bit of fast-paced guerilla thinking, as you may have to jump out of your car, shoot very fast, then jump back into your car. I love this image of model Laura New Myers, who is a fabulously talented model and performer. I adore photographing her, and try to work with her whenever she's in town. The styling on this image involved Laura's own underwear and my production assistant's jacket. It was as simple as that. For lighting, I used a beauty dish, then got creative with Photoshop to bring in the color of the building and work the sky. I also retouched the jacket via dodge and burn technique to highlight its detail. Laura is able to morph her look so many ways, and I loved the alien vibe she projected in this image. I actually shot this image about a mile from my studio, using a random building exterior for a backdrop. Parking in Los Angeles is never easy, so I asked a small local business if I could park in one of their spaces for 10 minutes. I was grateful they said yes, and I did not overstay my welcome. Photographed in Los Angeles, California.