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Fashion and Musician Photographer Los Angeles

I love pairing my love of fashion photography with my love of photographing musicians. Performers know how to give their all to the camera, and they are infinitely patient when they know that they will be rewarded with stylish images in exchange for their time. This vintage Guy Laroche coat proved to be the perfect foil to a fence in an alley near my studio. Creative Photoshop helped me add blue and cyan to the metal fence and building tones, which provided a beautiful color complement to the deep red of the vintage coat. Red and blue is a color combination that provokes a psychological reaction in the viewer, so I love using these colors when they suit my planned portrait. My model for this shoot was Hollie Cobb, lead singer of the British band We Caught the Castle. She was kind enough to pose for me while she was in Los Angeles, and this was one of my favorite images from our shoot. This image was lit with a strobe. Photographed in my neighborhood, near Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles.