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Fashion & Editorial

Fashion and Editorial Photographer Los Angeles

Being a fashion photographer in Los Angeles involves the use of an editorial eye as well as the ability to pull the best out of your models. You have to be able to show off the clothing and the model, or for beauty photography, to show off makeup, styling and accessories. In all shooting situations, you have to be able to pull the best out of your model. For this image, I chose to include the lighting equipment in the composition, as it provided a sense of place while highlighting the model's lovely bone structure. By including the equipment, I enabled the photo to tell a story. As we were doing a beauty shoot, I did multiple closeups highlighting model Lorena Medina's hair style as well as her makeup. But the image that ended up being my favorite was the one that included all the equipment being used on the shoot. While I love color, I am passionate about the use of black and white for storytelling. B&W enables the viewer to focus their attention on the central subject without as much distraction. The color version of this image is nice, but it is not nearly as strong in color. My post-processing choice thus was B&W. Photographed in Downtown Los Angeles.