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Fashion & Editorial

Editorial and Fashion Photographer Los Angeles

Photographing fashion model Alexa Lacza was true pleasure. She became available on very short notice, so there wasn't much time to pull together styling or shooting locations. But the jacaranda trees in my neighborhood had just bloomed, so my local streets were covered in beautiful lavender blossoms. I envisioned Alexa floating among the blossoms, clad in a multi-hued tulle skirt woven in various shades of purple and lavender. However, getting Alexa next to the blossoms was easier said than done, as jacaranda trees tower over street level. As an editorial and fashion photographer, I've been taught to always find a way. Jacarandas bloom for only a few weeks every year, and I wasn't about to let their beauty pass me by. I pulled a tall ladder out of my studio garage and put it into my SUV along with my lighting equipment, then drove around with Alexa until I found just the right tree. Despite her fear of heights, Alexa was a truly professional model, and bravely climbed to the top of the ladder while my assistant held it steady, Another assistant helped toss her skirt up into the air, to give her the appearance of floating. I love this image, as it truly represents spring. Photographed in my neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.