Photographs That Pop with Color

My ability to make color pop in photographs is one of the reasons that people hire me to create beautiful portraits and personal branding images, and to capture their weddings. I have spoken about color all over the world, and continue to work hard to ensure that the color in my images captures the interest and imagination of my clients. Contact me today to schedule your Los Angeles portrait session or book me for your wedding. Domain for Sale

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Photoshop Tips to Make Your Color Pop

Understanding how to make your color pop is one of my most-asked-for Photoshop tips. Digital cameras tend to dull colors, which is why popping the color helps elevate the quality of your images. One of my favorite ways to make color pop in a photo is to add a levels layer, set it to the soft light blending mode, and then reduce the opacity of that layer to around 30-40%. You can play around with the opacity level until you achieve the look you’re going for. Another great way to pop your color is to add a curves layer and create a shallow “S” (brightening the highlights and darkening the blacks).

Makeup That Pops

When deciding on a makeup palette for your photo shoot, I recommend starting with a subtle, more natural look and then building upon that for subsequent looks. I always tell my clients to start with a fresh and clean makeup style before we move on to a more colorful and glam look. High-quality makeup can help your portraits look their very best, and can elevate even a simple image to something that will look stunning. A professional makeup artist can help you look your best for your portrait or personal branding session, but if you’re great at makeup, you can always arrive camera-ready. Just be sure to bring your makeup kit along so you can evolve your look during our session.

Be sure to visit my photography portfolio where the color really pops!